Raining Dogs and Cats…

There is rain forecast today and tomorrow too. Are you ready for it? Get everything inside. It’s going to be quite the downpour. This is not your normal English dreary fine rain; this will be raining Dogs and Cats.  The seriousness of the impending rainfall (the first for over a month) was not hitting home until this point. My German Airbnb host could not stress this enough. The weather was turning. It was forecast 21 degrees today, a scorcher by UK standards but here he was in his scarf and woolly jumper dropping off the gas heater in preparation for the change of weather. Rain in the costa del sol was no laughing matter. Serious business.

rain. but not as we know it. apparently.

We’d just hit Monday again, following a fantastic weekend exploring the local town of Casares and finally hitting the big city of Malaga. It was well overdue, and with impending lockdowns round the corner, any outstanding sightseeing needed doing post haste. But first a Saturday trip to Casares.

We’d popped up to Casares for reconnaissance purposes when we first arrived in the area but never managed to explore much of the town, due to the sever incline the village sat on, it was not buggy friendly. We arrived prepared in so much as we left the buggy in the car and attacked the town on foot.

We’d first gone to visit a potential next place to stay just on the outside of town. It didn’t cut the mustard as soon the estate agent we were following suddenly turned up yet another goat track towards the house. Then quickly we got stuck behind a tractor, unloading a mini digger, as the two famers also caught up on the latest local gossip. It was a shame as the place when we arrived was pretty decent. It even looked like they had wild eagles flying in the hills above. Upon questioning to the occupants showing us round. They weren’t eagles at all but vultures. Blimey. We questioned this but he then pulled out his phone, again showing pictures of vultures. They sure as heck didn’t look like them to me but then, I am no Bill Oddie, so we agreed to disagree. We weren’t taking the house regardless. No more goat tracks for me thanks. Time for breakfast and coffee in Casares, let’s get out of here.

Casares is a fantastic little place, we started at the top and worked our way down. The winding streets and gravity worked effortlessly together bringing us to the bustling town square. This is not something we have been accustomed too. Bustling. There have not been many people about together since we arrived, not even in the main cities but this came as a pleasant surprise. We sat down at a busy café and ordered the usual coffee. But what was everyone eating? We weren’t sure, so simply asked to be given what everyone else was having. When it arrived, it could be described as the fresh donuts you get at the fair but without the soft doe inside. A hollow donut, with loads of sugar. The nutrient value of a donut is questionable, but this was hollow, was this better or worse? This of course came with another large packed of sugar to sprinkle on top too. I think everything I order that’s savoury in Spain comes with a large packet of sugar. I don’t think they ever got the health memo in Spain on sugar or maybe I just got message wrong. Is sugar great and fine again? It made the difference to the hollow donuts. I’ll double check with the wife later when she returns from the dentist… ah.


The tour around the town was lovely and we worked off the calories no trouble at all. The walk was taking extra toll due to the lack of buggy, as my daughters inevitable leg failure, meant Daddy’s shoulders were the natural substitute. It’s amazing the sustainability of carrying a child becomes easier the higher you hold them. Arms (10-15minutes), piggyback (30 minutes), shoulders (no limit!). The walk up to the Church/ Castle overlooking the town was worth it. Quite fantastic scenery. The walk back to the car was not quite as easy our walk down. With gravity no longer on our side, it was a struggle and the sugar high wearing off with every step. The midday sun beating down upon us. We made it back to the car. Just. We look at each other and quickly decide an afternoon at the beach would make perfect sense, we had earned it. We had supplies in the car already. We headed straight there. The 2-year-old had fallen asleep on route. Oh no (oh yes!). We decided not to wake her, got her in the buggy and straight into the shade. Where we could then sit and relax for the rest of the afternoon. I even got in a couple of chapters of my book, quick swim in the sea, why the hell not. What a great day this had turned out to be.

Beach target acquired…

The next day arrived and we’d already set Malaga in our sights. It’s an hr up from where we are now based but probably our nearest large city and 6 weeks into our trip, probably about time we gave it a visit. We’d arrived at Malaga airport, sure but not gone into the city itself. We drove in late morning, always seemingly just in time for lunch and always our immediate goal when arriving anywhere. A port city with ferries bound for Africa greeted us as we arrived at the city centre. The architecture mixed with old and new, with its cathedral, museums and castle overlooking the port below. This was not bad, not bad at all. Quickly acquiring a map from the tourist office, we’d marked where to get lunch via checking out the Cathedral. A tour of museums awaited but first let’s just get an ice cream. Oh wait. That shopping street looks alright. Oh look. There’s a park, let’s just take a few minutes there. We can do that museum straight after. Hold on. There’s a boat. Let’s go for a boat ride round the harbour, it’s Sunday 241. Sold.

Cathedral. Done.

We spend the next hour taking a tour around the surrounding bay, taking in the city from a distance was pretty epic. I’d suddenly realised this was daughters first proper experience on a boat and she was bloody loving it. There was another couple on the boat with their own seemingly limitless energetic toddler, so we quickly struck up conversation and by the end of the trip, exchanged numbers to meet again sometime. When leaving the boat, we made excuses and waved each other farewell for the rest of the day ahead. Then headed in opposite directions for we still had urgent museums to see. They had disappeared into the open markets next to the harbour. We looked back and decided we fancied that too, get a coffee and hit the museum after. The tour of the markets took longer than expected. As we headed back to the city, we took another pit stop at a restaurant for cerveza. They had live music just about the start. Let’s stay a bit longer.

Boat times are the best times…
Live music vibes…

We decided we’d do the museums another time.

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