Mañana, mañana…

So, the weekend was done, but whatever, Monday’s are bloody well great now. I do not formally start work until 10AM, just enough time for a stroll down the beach, walk to the park or binge watch postman pat on YouTube – all was fair game. Quality family time. Wife and daughter had their adventures for the day, I got on with work. A lunchtime coffee (fine) but the evening sunshine and beach always the reward. A settled routine all coming together nicely.

We’ve been reasonably disciplined with home cooking, but a decent mid-week meal has quickly become a traditional Wednesday treat. Last week was the start, and this evening has cemented it. If only we made the ice cream place before it closed at 9PM, then the perfect evening would have been had for sure. The foundation event was a trip to Estepona, where I took photos of food. The desert was bloody awesome!

Unapologetic food pics…

The working week whizzed by. Intermittent internet problems still causing problems, the next-door apartments weekend building work seems to creep constantly into mid-week, but the end is in sight. With a backup local 4G sim card acquired, and assurance major building work to be completed tomorrow. The Manana Manana classic remains but in a broad cockney accent!

Another evening tradition has been a trip to the local castle, about 5 minute drive from where we are staying. A lovely little spot, a few minutes’ walk from our nearest harbour. It’s got a cracking play area next door too. So, it’s been brilliant to work off the end of day energy for everyone. We start at the park. Head to another park. Then a nice walk along the seafront towards the harbour. Check out the fish swimming in the surprisingly clear sea, then check-in for an evening drink at one of the few remaining beach bars open for the (very quiet Covid) season. It was a particularly clear night for our first night there, coinciding with rare full moon made a reddish tint as it lined up with ‘full mars’. We ventured back to take in the castle, it is just a small castle as castles go (I am no expert), but this had some edge to it for sure. Turns out it has a historic foundation in fencing. They had an open museum and everything, even a class going on whilst we wandered/ trespassed (ahem) around.

Full moon rising…

With the end of the week looming, we checked the weather for the weekend ahead. What the hell is this? Strong winds? Rain? Head scratcher. I fail to recall what we did back home… more postman pat? Hmm. No chance. I remembered we still quite fancied a second set of wheels, so a trip to the local Decathlon was in order. I pined my own paddle board, but was I ready for such a commitment? A bike was the order of the day. Entry level but practical for all our needs. Oh, and it needs to fit in the car on the way home.

So yeah, we had somehow acquired a second set of wheels, a fold up bike. Quickly making the scooter pretty much redundant. Just loving the lunchtime bike rides now. A morning run is long overdue!

Tomorrow, Cordoba, Gibraltar and return to drama??

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