Simple, earthly, and bloody well tasty…

So, we are still here. Enjoying the experience more than ever. I think I can safely say we have started to feel settled; a routine is starting to take shape and the Spanish life is starting to feel ‘normal’. The drama has subsided (sorry loyal readers…), and life has become happier, and more fun.  Anyway, let me try again to bring us all up to date.

The new location is near the beach, sure but also remains pretty connected to the old traditional towns in the mountains. Our nearest such village is Casares, a stunning white painted town overlooking the surrounding landscape for 100s of miles with original Moorish cliff-hugging buildings. We had once again brought the pushchair and although the steps were minor the slope was ridiculously steep. We retreated with only a brief look around, the surrounding views made the short drive up the mountain more than worth it regardless. We earmarked a cracking restaurant for our next visit, ideally at sunset overlooking the plains. Watch this space!

Casares view upon arrival…

With the working week in full swing and the best Monday working day already covered, the rest of the week was not too shabby either. Some minor issues with the internet failing (usually on video calls with my boss), and the weird moments that the trip switch for the electrics would fail. This bizarrely happened when we turned the dishwasher on. I then later realised (after several days) the main culprit was the UK multi plug adaptor I had brought along with extra USB plugs, all things attached. Since unplugging this has amazingly not re-occurred. Prior to this the dishwasher really did get a bad name for itself, with the plug adaptor laughing away out of eyesight.

Evening beach trip..

As with weekends, the evenings are looked forward to more than ever, the heat at lunchtime meant activities were minimal but a Friday lunchtime trip the local bar could not be resisted. The scooter I had previously only reserved for keeping up with my daughter on her micro version, suddenly had another purpose. The 10-15-minute midday heat walk down the hill, could suddenly be cut to a mere 5 minutes. Ideal. Un pinta de Cervesa y Pommes Fritas por favour. Pefecto!

Cerveza y Scooter…

The evenings were suddenly all about the beach and ensuring we get there as soon as possible once the workday once done. Even with working UK hrs this still meant 2 hrs of sunshine and hot enough to enjoy. This is usually at our local beach at Casares or venturing a bit further up the road to Estepona as a bit of a treat. The restaurants and gardens in the town are lovely too. Even with our 2-year-old in tow, an evening’s tapas had to be done. The food here has just been fantastic. Simple, earthly, and bloody well tasty…

flower plaza in Estapona. need to start taking pictures of food!

Next, what to do at the weekend???

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