So here we are… (again)

The decision to stick or twist or, indeed, fold were real. It came down to the wire. My wife had returned seemingly a lot better spirited than I anticipated, what was the place on the coast like then? I had previously had a text just stating ‘on the way home and it’s fine’. This was again repeated, but this time I could see the wry smile and glint in her eye, she bloomin’ well liked it! We were on!

The low down on the place was just as I had hoped, the new host going above and beyond showing them both round. Best way to the local park/ beach, even demonstrating the wifi was in decent nick. However, even with the glowing report there was a list of items to check-off before going ahead with booking (mosquitoes, ants, paper down the toilet), all the big questions. It was an all clear. I booked a few minutes later. We move in the next day. Allowing a day buffer from when we finish with the old place. This was ideal as although we only flew in a couple of weeks prior, our ‘stuff’ required at least 2 car loads. Two 3hr round trips were necessary. So the plan was to all travel down together, settle in Saturday and I travel back Sunday for the rest. Back in Business.

The packing was already in full swing, and pretty much all ready to go by lunchtime the next day. All in all I’ll have fond memories of the time spent at our place near Tolox but it just wasn’t the right place to call home, in retrospect it felt too temporary, like we were camping. Which is often great but not long term. You always appreciate your creature comforts when you get back home. The last night was a lovely evening regardless, and I’m glad we were able to finish there positively.

Making the most of last few days…

The travel down to the coast really does make you realise how high up you are, we were coming from up in the mountains. They weren’t just hills we were looking upon every evening. I was able to take in the scenery for a change, as my wife was keen to drive, which was great. I could get my phone out and take a few snaps. Trying desperately not to be the back seat driver I know I really am. Avoiding the imaginary break peddle where possible, as my wife is far more daring than I am.

the view on route to Marbella…

Once we got to Marbella the drive was pretty straight forward but blink at the wrong moment and you find yourself on the toll road rather than the coastal road that seems to take the same amount of time as the other. Plus with our British car, when travelling solo can be quite tricky with the drivers side on the right, rather than left. My wife has become quite adapt at this, particularly in tight underground car parks. She has no qualms with putting the handbreak on, getting out of the car putting the ticket in and walking back round again. Even with a queue of angry Spanish cars behind her. Nerves of steel. That is until, I suggest she needs to break again, watch out for that Skooter, are you sure you’re in the right lane for this roundabout?…’That’s it’ she says pulling onto the side of the road next to Escapona harbour, ‘You drive’. Oh no. I guess I should, as I now see her walking away down the road in the other direction. Hmmm.

5 minutes later, we get back on track. Mild threats that I take her back to Malaga airport averted. I have the place starred in google maps, easy sailing now I am at the wheel. Then just when we are nearly, a dead end. How can this be? Doesn’t make sense? I look to my wife, she seems a lot happier now. ‘See! It’s not so easy is it?’ I suddenly remember the frustration she felt just the day prior with a screaming 2 year old in the back without any back-up. Ah. Luckily with the know how of the 30 minutes she’d spent going around the place, she already knew exactly what to do. Quick check back and a roundabout later, we were there. Our new German host ready and waiting. The new place was just as I’d hoped, all the amenities we wanted (needed) and a short walk to the beach. This is going to be fun.

pre dinner walk along the beach…

Before we knew it we were unloaded, and by the early evening having our dinner sat at the local beach bar toasting to the next couple of months. The remote working dream remained. So here we are (again)…

Taking in the new view… lovely stuff

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