Consistency is Key….

It was 4AM. I was already stirring from the heat. My wife was once again in the other room with the ceiling fan and a newly acquired fan from the Chinese shop.. Walking in there was like an F1 wind tunnel. I had made the decision to put up with the heat. It was backfiring. It was first day back working from home today… Needed to be fresh. A bit more sleep, please. I felt myself drifting off and then my wife appeared, she’d had enough… ‘it’s too hot and the noise. I can’t take it anymore’ My 2 year old daughter was amazingly sleeping better than ever. Regardless, I needed to address the situation.. ‘What do you want to do?’ ‘It’s too much, we need to just go home’… Oh god. This was not good. ‘Let’s discuss it in the morning’ This needed some serious thought, we’d booked our current location for 2 months, a move home now just wouldn’t cut it. We had to hold out for another month at least.

I didn’t sleep after that, I found myself reviewing other accommodation on airbnb (with air con) intertwined with a stint on duolingo (I’m really keen to improve my Spanish whilst over here, particularly if we can hold out for the full 6 months – consistency is key!) I managed to get a little shut eye but the brain was fully awake behind those closed eyes… What are we going to do??

Before I knew it the real morning had begun, my newly acquired cafetiere was doing it’s job whilst my daughter absorbed Pepper Pig in Spanish. I think I’m gaining more from the cartoons than any duolingo… The extra time I had before my UK working day was actually really handy, felt like I had a full morning with the family before setting up for the day at my new workstation. The place we were staying’s internet was via a 4G dongle and despite it’s rural location, the signal was pretty decent. I smugly setup outside for the first day back, this was going to work out great. The family were running slightly behind my schedule, and I was keen they had plans so as not to disturb as much as possible on the first day back. Before I knew it they were gone. Wow. Silence…

Nice little setup I thought…

The morning was unbelievably productive, conference calls with video smoother than ever, holiday emails caught up on and the backlog of tasks hit head on. I was enjoying this. Lunchtime came and I was still home alone. Suddenly the outside working was taking it’s toll, it’s so bloody hot. The recollection of the pool came to mind. Oh yeah, that will do the trick nicely. I’d thought about a walk to the river but at this stage I was still wary of the nemesis dog next door. A swim it is. Set the timer on the watch for 10 minutes, getting as many lengths in as possible. This will be my new routine I thought. I’ll be super fit in no time. Time for a quick bite, toast will do. However in the afternoon, working indoors was sensible, it’s just too hot. The rest of the work day went by and I just hadn’t got the setup right indoors, on one call a colleague said I looked like I was in a prison (I recalled my lack of lunchtime walk and silence at home without the family), yeah, I kind of am!

Indoor setup was work in progress…

The family came home in much better spirits, I was extremely happy with how the day had gone all in all. A few tweaks and the routine will be perfect. But the night time was still to come…

Tomorrow. Stick or Twist!?

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