Monday Monday…

Well, today is another work day. But I tell you what, this has to have been one of the best Mondays, well, ever. Managed to start the day with a jog along the beach, not long after sunrise. Running along the sea front I can still see in front of me, with sea so still, it might as well be a lake. Work was Ok, I suppose. Productive. My wife and 2 year old, went out for the day – shopping, so I had little distraction. Lunchtime was a walk to the beach, and a cafe con leche taking in the sea views.. The mornings conference calls washed away with every sip. I think I’ll fit in a quick paddle and then, back to it.

Deserted beach during morning run.

The afternoon flew by, with a new home working setup that felt pretty comfortable. The family returned just before clocking off time, where I quickly retreated upstairs to cover the last hour of the day. They’d acquired a variety of items on this shopping trip of theirs, namely a new bucket and spade for the beach. Fantastic, we can head there straight after work. Followed by a stroll through the old town for fresh tapas and an ice cold cerveza.

Evening sand castles

Apologies, I’m way ahead of myself the timeline of this blog to real life, turning into a bit of a blur. The final days of holiday were over too quick. We took a day trip Seville, a good 2 hrs or so in the car. Again, this is one of our favourite cities in the world, I had to squeeze in a trip before the week was over. The trip was cross country but learning our lessons from Ronda, very straight forward and with tourists limited due to covid, parking was managed dead bang in the centre of the city, a stones throw from the famous Cathedral. First things first. Katherine needed the bank, I needed food. Potatas Bravas and Tinto de Verano. Perfecto!

The best I’ve tried. All about the sauce!

The heat in Seville was dry but crazy hot, the pharmacy nearby ready 41 degrees. With the masks on, attempting to sight see, we were having flashbacks already. We wanted to do so much, but it was eerie without the buzz of the tourists (who we would usually hate). Everything still beautiful but just not quite the same. We wandered the city with the usual push chair. A lovely afternoon in all. Yes, an exchange of weary travellers did appear but with an ice cream shop landing in front of us at just the right time. Fall out was averted.

Professional sight see-er

The rest of week we kept local taking in the surrounding mountain towns, eating and drinking well and keeping away from that bloody dog next door.

Just hanging out…

Tomorrow, the real work begins…

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