Sod it. Let’s go to the beach…

Holiday week was in full swing. I’d suddenly realised one, we hadn’t been to the beach yet and two, I’d failed to have a decent cafe con leche. This needed rectifying, ASAP. Marbella, the area we had initially scoffed at was the chosen destination. The trip once again looked straight forward on the map, and allowed opportunity to check out more of the local surroundings of Guaro and Monda. Spectacular views again. Other than a blocked road in Monda, the trip was reasonably smooth sailing. However, this closed street has ruined many a journey since, with misdirected diversions, down precarious steep single track roads, to interfering a one-way residential zone, seemingly closed off for street football. We made it out somehow. The view coming down to the coast were some of the best we’d seen…

Sod the scenary. I’d got my cafe con leche!
oh. if you insist!

I was pleasantly surprised with Marbella, reasonably clean and maintained. Police in full view. The mask rule was adhered but what did you do when on the beach? My fears, were quickly averted. The unwritten rule/ understanding, was if on the beach, mask free was OK. Swimming, no problem.. First that cafe con leche, and an ice cream. Lovely stuff, we were onto a winner. Now for that swim. My wife wasn’t keen, so I went with my daughter. Pepper Pig ball in tow. The beach was blue flag, lovely inviting water, not too choppy. We had a great time. We’d collected ourselves together on a platform out in the sea, taking some photos, when we interrupted by whistles by those around us. Our pram was rolling out to see pushed by the wind! Ny daughter was not in there of course, but the audience did not know and did not understant why such slow nonchalant reactions. Regardless, I had to save face with a last minute leap, just stopping the pram going over the edge!

The selfie was worth it…

After the commotion, a late lunch was very much required. My wife fancied taking in the golden mile, so we headed up the coast further along, where Harry Kane and the like hang out. Puerto Banus. It very much felt like the Manaco of Spain, but I tell you, think I had the best Pizza this year there. Apsolutely fantastic and not too over priced. We headed home, beach well and truly conquered for some refreshments by the pool at base camp.

Finally a potential replacement for the maxda.
Base camp. Safe Haven.

Tomorrow, holiday season comes to an end. Seville, Tolox and remote working begins!

P.S. Don’t worry. I’m restocked on Rioja, normal schedule can now resume.

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