A quick swim it is…

The afternoon arrived. We headed to one of the many Chinese owned shops that seem to sell everything, there appears to be at least one in any reasonably sized town in Spain. We have found that without Amazon (no postal address where we are staying), the local ‘China Town’ store is the next best thing! As we were heading there, we also had a call from Matt (our car lorry driver), he was in Malaga a day early. The Mazda had arrived! Excellent the Ibiza had done it’s plucky duty but time for an upgrade. In the back of mind I thought about the iron bridge. Would it fit? Right hand drive, would that be an issue on these mountain roads? Time will tell.

My wife went in ahead for supplies, she returned with an eclectic selection. I’m now trying to think of the items bought. They seemed essential at the time. Can’t think of one! Although you as the reader will get over it. I had more pressing things on my mind, getting that car of ours from Malaga airport in one piece… Let’s go!

We head to the agreed location, yes, it’s right next to the hire car place. As least part of my rental plan had come good. I’d love to tell a tail of chaos and strife, but the reality was it was delivered as agreed. I gave Matt the cash, keys returned and receipt given. Job done. He was a great bloke too, really seemed to love his job. As he had arrived early, he was already on a pre-booked boat back from Northern Spain on the weekend. ‘What are the plan’s now?’ I say. He replied in his Southern English twang ‘head to the beach, few cervezas, soak in the sun. Start again’ ‘It’s a way of life mate, I love it’. So there we go, he headed for a cafe con leche, we had our car. Done. Quick transition of family members, crap from China Town, and load car seat to our newly arrived car. The Ibiza went back, no probs, with a quick trot back to the car. Where now? The evening sun was upon us. A quick swim it is.

All essential stuff. Apparently.

What a great perk it was to have a pool where we are staying, particularly thinking long term. My daughter couldn’t contain her excitement, with the arrival of the car came all our little items we wouldn’t have otherwise. Monitor for work, keyboard for teaching music, swimming nappies, scooters – the lot. More importantly for my daughter her favourite doll Timmy and her new swimming arm bands. Another fantastically hot day, the sun was almost setting and the pool was just the ticket. My wife relaxed on the lounger drinking sangria, this is the life. I’d never seen them both so happy together. My wife felt left out by the jovility in the pool and came to join us. ‘What’s that?’ she said warily upon entering. I looked, seemed like maybe old bird droppings, nothing to worry about. Then it dawned on us. ‘Err, have you had a poo?’ oh no ‘Yes, daddy’ Abandon ship! It seemed to be mainly contained but the moment had gone… Shit happens I guess.

Happy times!

Tomorrow, we hit the road!

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