My New Nemesis

First night, I should have slept like a baby. It was a long day, the travel cot was not due to arrive until the next day. So my daughter was in with me. My wife had already escaped to the other bedroom but had the ceiling fan set to high, making the opening scene from Apocalypse Now a reality. The helicopter was in the room. I ironically now have flash backs to the ‘high’ setting on the ceiling fan as a result.

Amazingly my wife and daughter slept like a dream. As we had gone to bed early, the wild noise of the night was in flow, the dogs started barking and just didn’t seem to stop. We had cats near by too, so the classic contest seemed in full swing. However, the in species ‘cat fighting’ was far worse. Whoever won, I lost. It’s funny though, although I felt I had little sleep in the morning, I felt pretty good. I think the sunshine and early morning warmth helps.

As we’d arrived, our host had mentioned about the river and that it had it’s own beach. Not fancying a drive out again immediately, this seemed ideal to stretch our legs and check out the local surroundings. We ventured out optimistically for a little stroll down the river where we’d precariously crossed the night before. The route never seems so bad on foot, this was ideal. Just as we’d ventured to the next Orange tree field, there was bark out of no where. ‘What the hell was that?’ My daughter jumped into my arms, I look to my left and it was a middle sized dog with a muzzle, barking his head off. But it wasn’t laugh it off barking (I bloody love dogs), he seemed to hate us. If it wasn’t for the muzzle, he would of had us, I’m sure. I’m having flash backs (again) to the blood thirsty rabbits in Monty Python and the Holy Grail now!

Funnily enough, he yapped at our legs for what seemed like eternity (10 metres) but as soon we were ‘off his patch’ he just left us alone. You try and keep calm in these situations and keep a cool head. Ignore it. It’s nothing. But you’re subliminal mind goes into over drive, particularly with your family next to you. Your toddler genuinely scared ‘I don’t like dogs now Daddy’, and you’re just pretending not to be. It’s madness, as you know it can’t hurt you. But the subconscious feeling is there. Very annoying, isn’t it?

Luckily when we got to the river, it was truly stunning and all thoughts of the dog washed away. We had a great time. The Spanish dream was really happening. We headed back in trepidation, would this dog pop up again. Whatever, we’re ready for him. He had the element of surprise before but not this time. However, nada – nothing.

the river was lovely

We’ve had just a few encounters since this first incident. Car journeys are a necessity in our romote location, honestly. Annoyingly, it has put me off just walking out, I think I just use it as an excuse to myself to not to go for a run. So after work yesterday, I thought, sod it. I’m going out solo. I got my walking/ running gear on and opened the door. He was there, waiting for me. Bloody hell. I again backtracked in my head. The wife and daughter were still out. Make the most of it. Chill out, have a swim, catch-up on Duolingo – you’ve not played command and conquer for a while.. Do that. So I did…

Waiting. Always waiting. My new Nemesis.

Tomorrow. We will face our fears – maybe.

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