What iron bridge?

Blimey. We’ve been here just over a week. Feels like a month already. I’ve been working for the first time today, actually felt quite normal. Time will tell! Anyway, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The new home office. For today at least…

We were due to arrive to our airbnb mid afternoon, the reviews had said it’s rural and a bit off the beaten track, but worth it. We prepared for the worst. I’d already placed a marker on google maps for where our accommodation would be, but not exactly, it’s just where our host would meet us in order to direct. Following some initial photo guidance. We’d done a recce past on the way to the local village, so I already felt pretty confident with the logistics.

We arrive to the marked bus stop on the map. Where now? There are two paths, one on a reasonably positioned house behind a gate, with another seamingly unused road, suitable for farmers with goats/ tractors, 4x4s i.e. Not our 1.2 Seat Ibiza. I’d immediately turned for the house on the right. ‘Ok, best give the guy a ring, we’re here.’ ‘No we’re not’ my wife replied glaring again at the photo that I had dismissed as it looked the same as where we were. ‘But, we’ve not crossed the iron bridge yet’. ‘We have, it was on the main road..’ ‘Erm, no we haven’t’ There was no photo of the bridge, but I look again at the gate. She’s right. Damn it.

I can’t easily switch lanes. I have to reverse and come at it again at another angle. Bear with me. I turn back up the curve onto the main road, which until now I thought was pretty precarious in itself. Bang. ‘What’s that?’ My wife reacts with concerned shouting. ‘Erm nothing.’ I quickly assess that it is nothing, remembering again I took the annoyingly expensive full insurance on the hire car. Here we go. We took to the road to the left, all in now, god knows what we do if someone comes the other way. Rolling along in 1st gear, intermittent breaking and dodgy clutch control in a car I was still adjusting to, we made it to the bottom. Now what? Where’s this bloody bridge? Oh, I see it. It can’t be there. It was… I shake my head in disbelief. Right, let’s go for it. This bridge was like playing operation with your car, but when you’re not very good at playing!

The now very familiar iron bridge

The directions had all become clear, and by now our host had come out to greet us and guided us the rest of the route. Again, first gear would only do. Past the goats roaming free to our right. An old abandoned bus to our left, reminiscent of the one from ‘Into The Wild’ also begging the question, how the hell did that get up here? It actually gave me confidence the zippy ibiza could do it. We turn right into the accommodation, our planned base for the next 2 months. It was incredible. Amazingly rustic outdoor space with our own pool. The Spanish sun still high in the afternoon sky. We had finally arrived. Time to crack open the Rioja…

Sunset bath-time. Can’t beat it.

Tomorrow, we pick-up the Mazda!

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