So here we are…

Well, what a first week. To set the scene, this is being written with a freshly poured glass of Rioja beside me outside in temperatures still over 20 degrees, we arrived in Spain yesterday, but wait. My 2 year daughter is crying. Bear with me, back in a sec… literal crickets, silence. I haven’t moved, quiet now. I may actually get this first blog post out there!

The decision to potentially move out to Spain was planted just 2 months prior, we hadn’t quite thought about it long term before. However, with these covid times, the opportunity to work from home remotely without need to visit clients face to face means that you could work from anywhere? Right? I mean with decent internet and living in a similar timezone to your work is helpful too. Cutting to the chase, my wife got made redundant, I was fortunate to be in a job that was reasonably secure and were willing to say ‘sure, for the next 6 months, but ideally no longer, it’s a pain for tax etc etc.’ Fantastic, first hurdle done. We are go!

I had a few locations in mind for where we could work ‘away’ for these 6 months. Barbados? Cape Town? But as soon as Andalusia, Spain came to mind, with the reasonably cheap/ short distant flights and off season accommodation cut away from the Covid world. Oh and it’s literally my wife’s favourite place in the world, the town of Ronda is where on numerous occasions expressed she wishes to spread her ashes… she loves it that much. With some insight from some Spanish friends that had already planned the same trip just weeks prior (they had been living away in various countries since the last financial crisis in 2008 and suddenly didn’t need to commute to Warrington), that is where we shall go. So here we are…

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